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MajorLeague Lifestyle, Inc. is a music and entertainment company dedicated to enriching the lives of others through a mixture of music, fun, community service, and anything Major. MajorLeague Lifestyle, Inc., affectionately dubbed MajorLeauge or MLL for short, MajorLeague is the brain-child of the creatively gifted Founder, CEO, and Super Producer Tone P, but is effectively operated by his business partner, COO TC aka “Gottabtc”. Our music is soulful, classic, inspirational, timeless, and downright good–with a sprinkle of club hits just to keep your attention–and our people are motivated, hard-working, down to earth D.C. natives who intent to but DC on the music map.

Stay tuned and check back frequently for updates and special invitations.

We invite you to join our movement and keep us honest, so should you have any questions/comments/concerns, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Thanks for visiting and please come back!

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